weavin' bodies

What shines smoothly and perfectly from the screen takes on hand-drawn features when placed on the print bed. How does the digital path we follow behave when it is conceived and executed in interaction with the hand that weaves? How when the execution of digital print plans does not take place in a hermetically sealed room, but in the "dirty" experimental laboratory, in collaboration with the "imprecise" but human hand? The interplay of digital technology and physical craft. A dialogue between hypothetical data sets and actual forms is emerging.

Weavin' Bodies creates objects by means of print paths laid on body fragments. It works with digital and craft processes. The frames are created from a wooden structure, upholstered with kapoc fibers, cotton, and a wool overcoat. The printing paths are hand- engineered using a CAD programme and printed onto shaped bases. The filament used for printing is made of PLA with a cotton thread at its core. The printed parts are woven during and after print with ramie fibres. The fibres are hand spun into cords. All the materials are coloured by hand using plant based dyes.

Photography of figures:
Johanna Magdalena Guggenberger

Developed with the kind support of the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport of Austria (BMKOES/Sektion IV -Kunst und Kultur )