Konglomerate is a research project conducted during two years at the University of the Arts Berlin in the course of the master programme 'transfect designsystems!'. It investigates construction, tools and processes employed by the footwear industries and seeks to simplify current modes of production.

A traditional shoe can have up to 40 different components. Through the development of a simplified construction components are essentially reduced to six including the thread for the stitching. The parts are worked without gluing, which means they can be separated, disposed off and repaired, when necessary. Furthermore, the shoes are conceptualized so all the parts can be produced locally, as well as globally.

The complexity of production is simplified, not only through the modified construction but also through the use of low threshold tools. A starting point for a modular last system was developed to further investigate simplification and minimization of resources needed.

The whole process is conceptualized to be more intelligible, open and easy to enter.