Images: Federico Floriani

AnOtherShoe is a new model for shoe production based on shared knowledge and local manufacturing, through small scale and on demand digital fabrication. A lasercutter is used to create all the components of the shoes.

The assembly process of AnOtherShoe is reversible and hand made, eliminating the need for stitching or gluing. This means that the consumer is able to not only assemble his pair of shoes, but also to repair it when necessary.

Project developed in collaboration with Eugenia Morpurgo.


Project developed with the support of Timelab Gent and WeMake Milan.

In order to engage people into the production process, we give workshops in a variety of Maker Spaces. We see these workshops as moments to help distribute the values of the project and facilitate the sharing of knowledge.

Exploring the possibilities of a collaborative open production line. Using digital fabrication as a tool for prototyping and manufacturing new shoe models using the reversible

connection system of AnOtherShoe. Starting from the experience of the project AnOtherShoe the aim is to challenge the students/participants with a set of rules and tools to design. Teaching them an alternative system for shoe design and manufacturing and helping them to challenge traditional creative processes.

Outcome of the workshops are prototypes of a shoe model.

Images: Total Museum of Contemporary Art during the exhibition design without Design